Lies, damned lies and falsified submissions

In the latest chapter of the coal seam gas debate, high profile anti-CSG protest group, Lock the Gate, were recently accused of falsifying documents submitted to the NSW Parliamentary enquiry into CSG. It appears that Lock the Gate lifted their submission directly from US research into shale gas (a whole different process) and substituted ‘shale gas’ for ‘coal seam gas’. A comparison is shown below of the submitted text (left) and original text (right).

The press release accompanying this submission included a statement from Lock the Gate spokesperson Drew Hutton that he doesn’t want to see the community “hoodwinked by phoney claims”. Hmm … sounds like the community should be worried about ‘hoodwinking’ from all directions.

Belinda Robertson, the chief executive of the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) had this to say on the matter:

“The anti-CSG campaign is sinking into farce. The circulation of a fake letter to land-holders aimed at generating fear and repeatedly making unsubstantiated claims is bad enough, but misrepresenting the work of others is a new low. What is particularly disappointing is the poor level of scrutiny being applied to the very groups calling for a fact-based discussion.”

You can download the full press release from APPEA.


One response

  1. coal seam gas and shale gas both use fracking. coal seam gas extraction produces a lot more salt than shale gas so coal seam gas is probably worse for the environment. So if anything Lock The Gate understated the dangers associated with CSG extraction.

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