Myth busting

I’ve just discovered a couple of videos produced by the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM QLD) addressing some of the common myths associated with coal seam gas. The videos are very basic and use plain english.

I think this type of information is quite useful and the simple production values actually work in its favour – sometimes fancy graphics and animations can feel like spin and propaganda.

For most people, DERM feels like a reasonably unbiased and credible source to receive this information from. Based on this, the important questions is my mind are:

  1. Do you trust DERM to properly assess and regulate the risks; and
  2. Do you trust the mining industry to adhere to government requirements?

Check out the videos below and let me know your thoughts in the comment section and poll below. In particular, I’m interested to hear what you feel is missing from these videos and whether you think the information could have been better communicated. Let me know too how you feel about the issues of trust that I’ve described above.


2 responses

  1. is the industry ‘self regulated’? I don’t know how effective DERM is – there have been govt agencies that have not done their job


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