CSG mining in Queensland

A few quick facts about CSG mining in QLD

As much as we all care about coal seam gas mining in the broad sense, I’m sure that just like me, you’re most interested in the situation here in Queensland. After all, aren’t we’re all NIMBYs at the end of the day?

So, thanks to the resources kindly made available by the Queensland Government, I give you a few quick facts about coal seam gas mining, here in our backyard:

  • Coal seam gas accounts for 90% of Queensland’s natural gas supply
  • There are about 5000 petroleum and gas wells in Queensland
  • 8% of these wells have been ‘fracced’ (approx. 400 wells)
  • In the future, 10-40% of wells may be fracced
  • Operators planning to frac have to submit a risk assessment to the QLD government addressing 27 separate risk factors

Next up: what are the risks associated with coal seam gas mining and fraccing?


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